An animal brought down with adrenaline coursing through the body is a feeling any hunter will testify to being the greatest thrill. The theory of totem animals promises us a share of the physical strength and other attributes of Nature’s greatest beasts. The most majestic of animals are celebrated in Morten Priisholm’s Trophy Collection, designed from the notion of being trophies themselves. 

The masculine rituals of hunting are encapsulated in a party of men celebrating the grandeur of Nature’s forces and brute strength with a small silver tumbler of brandy, rifles hanging over their arms clad in tweed or camouflage. The handmade collection centers on the symbolic characteristics associated with animals: The British lion is majestic – the Nordic bear strong and the wolf fast. As magical objects, the amulets are embedded in our consciousness – enduring because they are poetic in their timeless strength.  

The Trophy series made of silver is shaped by high-technological 3D tools.