The Traditional collection is inspired by ancient hand-bound leather-tomes in historic libraries as seen in the Laurentian Medici Library in Florence. Books express the power of wisdom and knowledge, as the only true immortality to be had in this world. Marble mosaic floors and carved wooden ceilings summons an era where the appreciation of insight and intelligence were inextricably linked with that of world-class craftsmanship.

Solid jewelry shaped by the hands of a goldsmith is a natural part of any man’s wardrobe. The Traditional collection is comprised of classic, minimalist and timeless design, translated in to a series of jewelry meant for every day wear. From the reassuring weight of the pieces come the feeling of quality, and the guarantee that the jewelry will last a lifetime – and even longer. Thanks to the neutral style, the handmade jewelry with the dark masculine look can be worn by all.

Choose your own letter for the pendant and matching ring, and write yourself in to the history of literature.