Men’s jewelry categories

Some men’s luxury jewelry – cufflinks and tie pins, for instance – is intended to be worn on shirts and ties, whereas other pieces such as rings and bracelets are worn on skin. Make sure to consider outfits and occasions when choosing jewelry. Cufflinks and bracelets are usually determined by the watch a man owns.

Cufflinks and tiepins serve functional purposes, but in addition to this, they are also testaments to a man’s perception of style. The signet ring was once of all-important cultural and ritual significance, but it is relegated to a more ceremonial function today.

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signet ring

Rings may be worn to signal status and power, rank and riches, because they make it hard, if not impossible, for the wearer to do manual work. Rings tell us a lot about a wearer’s profession, but the practical purpose of a signet ring, perhaps with an engraving of a family crest, is always clear: It is used for the sealing of letters, deeds or orders. Signet rings were useful in illiterate times, when few could read. Seals authenticated the legitimacy of documents in a way that was understandable
for all.


Whether a necklace is on proud display on a man’s T-shirt, only partially visible beneath a shirt or something kept close to your heart, a handmade Priisholm necklace is all about strength – of character, style and materials such as gold and sapphires. The Compass necklace is pure steampunk, the Trophy pendants tap in to the totem power of animal motifs, and Time necklaces grounds you in a luxury world of handmade jewelry for men.


According to Morten Priisholm, every man should own a pair of handmade cufflinks that are matched with dress buttons for the most formal of events. Cufflinks can always be custom-made for special occasions. A groom might present his best man with a pair of cufflinks on the wedding day; a father bequeaths his cufflinks to his son; presidents give cufflinks to ambassadors and diplomats as state gifts, and companies might even give corporate branded cufflinks to clients. Whether you want your cufflinks opulent and detailed, or simple with easy wear-ability, Morten Priisholm either has a selection ready or can make them on order.

Tie bars

A tie bar displays a tie to its utmost advantage – while keeping it in check during the day. The Priisholm Handcrafted collections Trophy, Traveller, and Time are all fitted out with handmade tie bars, ensuring that all accessories worn by the well-dressed man corresponds in style. So whether you enjoy the mechanics of hand-wound time, a lion as a trophy, or the classic compass rose directing the eager traveler around the world, Priisholm Handcrafted makes sure that you do it with confidence and flair.


From the smallest to the largest sizes – bracelets for men encompass all trends, metals and gemstones in their versatility. As egalitarian jewelry for men, bracelets are often worn as a discrete accessory next to a watch, accentuating stylish choices. The sportive choice is leather, braided, pleated or otherwise worked upon, with solid locks made of either gold or silver – either abstract or with a recognizable motif, such as a lion. Referencing the Nordic Vikings and their rough male world of physicality, the cuff bracelet is the largest there is, giving scope for creativity to be unfolded. The bangle is a totem from an era without taboos, and when handmade for a man, it is fitted with exacting precision directly to the wearer’s wrist by goldsmith Morten Priisholm.

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Whether it is a sign of the times or just men waking up to all the many opportunities of handmade
jewelry, men’s jewelry is definitely enjoying an upswing. Reclaiming lost territory and the origins of male jewelry in armory, men once more take an interest in the decorative opportunities that jewelry presents.

A distinguished man is always happy with an artistic opportunity to display his sense of style. A safe bet for the businessman is a pair of classic, timeless cufflinks – precious handmade pieces that are effortlessly stylish.