Handcrafted in Denmark and voted Best New Jewelry Brand at the 2016 Copenhagen Watch and Jewelry Fair, this collection of ruggedly handsome jewelry by Priisholm mixes tradition with innovation to create uniquely stylish pieces with a masculine edge. Featuring a mix of precious metals and gemstones set with bold designs and industrial details, these impressive pieces elevate any look to a new level of luxury.


Køge guldsmedien Priisholm
Exklusiv Priisholm
Guldsmed Dirks Priisholm
Klaus Rygaard Priisholm
Dahlströms Priisholm

Noble Knuckle-Duster

The knuckle duster provides a tangible experience of raw power when it falls into place upon one's hand.  All gemstones are carefully chosen because they have all been associated with royal, religious and divine power. This specialemade object was crafted for the exhibition "THE SPLENDOUR OF POWER" with royal presence from the danish kingdom.

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