The goldsmith behind the company Morten Priisholm trained as a goldsmith in the workshop of Ove Sparre Sørensen in the Danish city Slagelse, from which he graduated in 2010. After his apprenticeship, Morten Priisholm worked a year in the Welsh company Northern Star Bespoke Jewelry.
”In my opinion, all men can wear jewelry just as naturally as they wear watches. All it takes is jewelry with a certain size, strength and sculptural quality, which elevates the creations above the rest”, Morten Priisholm says.
Classic male values and interests – vintage cars, hunting and watches – are the sources of inspiration for Morten Priisholm. The sleek style of the 1960s gentleman culture and the steampunk culture has left imprints on his jewelry. The look is one of the robust norths mixed with British elegance. Oxidized silver plays up against polished golden details in an edgy look. Within a masculine idiom Morten Priisholm combines traditional goldsmith crafts with new techniques and unconventional materials such as oiled mahogany from the dashboard of a vintage car and the gear wheels of complicated mechanical watches.
Goldsmith Morten Priisholm specialist in exclusive jewellery for men