In the lively workshop of goldsmith Aulkær Andersen in Copenhagen, Denmark, does goldsmith Morten Priisholm reside. His steady hands work on the luxury jewelry for men from start to finish – from the 3D printed prototypes to the soldering of open-work, with the setting of gemstones, and polishing of finished jewelry.

Concentration is the name of the game, because even a few fractions of a millimeter might be felt by an appraising hand, when the handmade jewelry is finished. Ancient tools of the trade supplemented by new inventions and technologies further Morten Priisholm’s ambition for precision and excellence

 Goldsmith Morten Priisholm sets his design with colorless, black, green and brown diamonds, red garnets, yellowish-brownish amber, blue lapis lazuli and sapphires. Please note that all gemstones are natural, untreated, and exclusively sourced from conflict-free areas, according to sustainable criteria.

“In my opinion, all men can wear jewelry set with gemstones. If the design is masculine, gemstones – either facetted or cut cabochon – add to a piece, without being vulgar”, says Morten Priisholm.