Priisholm Handcrafted is always delighted to support you in fulfilling your most ardent dreams of luxury jewelry. If you want to design your very own piece of jewelry or have an idea for a piece, they can be realized by hand. The final piece is delivered with an insurance evaluation, indicating the precious metals and gemstones used.

Set up a private appointment with Morten Priisholm, and have your ideas for jewelry rendered in to exceptional creations. Precisely because craftsmanship and gentlemen’s traditions are the foundation of Priisholm Handcrafted, he guarantees that each piece is custom-made for the wearer of it – something that will commemorate the greatest events of your lifetime with jewelry that will last for generations to come.

Jewelry is that incomparable touch of style, and unique jewelry is all about large image statements in powerful combinations of imaginative design and the most precious of materials. Truly bespoke jewelry represents an important contribution to the heritage and traditions of the craft and the creations personify ongoing cultural exchanges between a select clientele and that of goldsmiths.