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Every August for decades, extremely select groups of talented young Nordic goldsmiths do battle for three days during the goldsmith trade fair held in Copenhagen, Denmark. Here, they fight for the honor of the title Nordic goldsmith champion and cash prizes in the competition New Nordic Gold.

3D rendering of a Steampunk inspired pendant for men with a moon, sun and a star.

When goldsmiths from Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark all met up in August 2018, they were presented with that year’s competition assignment as envisioned by goldsmith Morten Priisholm: A gentlemen’s jewelry pendant, named Cosmograph. Every year, a new goldsmith is asked to do the prize assignment, as an honorary task which has been met by the most recognized and prestigious names in the Danish goldsmith industry. Only goldsmiths heading up their own companies as well as having a proven track-record of successful jewelry are asked to undertake the challenge of formulating the competition assignment, which must meet a lot of criteria: It has to be difficult enough to separate the participants on their skill levels and accomplishments, but it should also be possible for all to finish.

Composed of a crescent moon, a sun and an eight-pointed star, the Cosmograph pendant was to be made of gold and silver, giving the participants a chance to display their skills as recently trained goldsmiths. When finished, the crescent moon and the star had to have the option of being moved in front of the sun.

Prinsesse Marie visiting Morten Priisholm at the New Nordic Fair for his Men's Jewellery

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