| Morten Priisholm


The origin of Priisholm Handcrafted’s Trophy Collection was the lion ring, which is a bestseller today. The ring is not about ego, money or power, but a quiet, undeniable confidence and strength that come from the knowledge of the lion being the king of the savanna.

Trophy cufflinks with a lion motive and a hunting rifle in the background
The lion ring taps in to the field of talismans, and as such, there is nothing innocent about it. Originally, a talisman was a magical object produced by rarefied (obscure) materials – involving spiritual properties inherent in gemstones – in certain ways, at certain times, in order to attract success or results in specific areas of life. All the difficulties and efforts surrounding the procurement of talismans were part of the protection of people, because legends maintained that a talisman in the wrong hands could attract dark and ominous powers.
So take care when wearing the Lion.

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