| Morten Priisholm


As part of the Danish jewelry company Aagaard’s design-lab, Morten Priisholm was commissioned to design a line of men’s jewelry, comprised of seven signet rings, two pendants and two bracelets. The line was launched in 2017. The seven rings all owed their silhouettes to the historic signet ring. Two models – one round, the other octagonal in shape – featured a space intended for engraving. One had a graphic square with a deep-set field of oxidized silver in the center. Four of the rings had either oval, round of oval stone-inlays. As accessories for men, the geometric and well-proportioned marked the collection, which was made of silver and oxidized silver, and set with onyx, tiger’s eye and lapis lazuli.

With the commercial and mainstream appeal in mind, the design was intentionally kept classic, timeless and minimalist, optimal for every day wear and any man’s wardrobe. Unfortunately, the company Aagaard went bankrupt at the beginning of 2018, and in tune with the new owners scaling significantly down on the company’s catalogue, the men’s jewelry line was unfortunately discontinued. However, the collection was Morten Priisholm’s first experience designing jewelry with a large-scale production in mind, and it is something he is eager to try out again, should opportunities and partners present themselves.

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